Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Discovering Britain's District 45 walk - Deptford

Stanfords Maps have posted a list of walks for half term - including Deptford.

"Victorian reformist Charles Booth put this south-east London district on the map, quite literally, with his innovative 'poverty maps' in 1902. His research, which charted Deptford's affluence or lack of, saw him walk the town's streets extensively from 1899 - his findings later gave Deptford the nickname District 45. The district is steeped in history - Charles Dickens' Great Expectations opens here, Sir Francis Drake was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I at Deptford Docks, and Captain Bligh sailed on the soon-to-be-mutinied Bounty en route to Tahiti in 1789...."

Explore Deptford through the ages with Discovering Britain's District 45 walk.

Thanks to the South East Central Forum for the heads up

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