Monday, 23 June 2008

Made in Deptford Festival 5-6 July 2008

Made In Deptford Festival - showcasing creative, culinary and historical marvels round our manor!
Looking for an alternative creative vibe South of the River? Think hot bands, impressive art installations, quirky interactive tourist trails and eccentric theatrical performances and you’ll just about get the picture. The location will be Deptford SE8 between 5-6 July, where you’ll find a buzzy community festival weekend featuring some of the finest creative talent the capital has to offer. A “Made In Deptford” showcase. based around themes of creation, heritage and cuisine. Think poets, pirates and luvvaduck charm – that's Deptford darlin'

Jump on a train at London Bridge and in 7 minutes, you’ll have a chance to check out an area brimming with enterprise. Deptford is home to no less than 300 creative businesses. The following is a mere snapshot some of the events taking place over the weekend:
Hot bands - Deptford's Open Air Live Music Event— will showcase well-known and local bands from the kicking music scene of the Deptford/ New Cross/ Lewisham area. The headlining bands will include three winning acts from The Gravity Guide magazine's competition to find the hottest music talent in the area. The line up is evolving and growing as we speak! Local pubs Deptford Arms, Bird's Nest and the Albany Theatre will also be offering great music including the naughty but fabulous Princess Superstar.
Cool Carnival – Ship ahoy.....Costumes, camaraderie, flamboyance and fantasy. Local dance acts, schools and community groups will shake their booty up and down the high street in a lively musical procession on Sunday 6th July.

Tasty treats – The Bird's Nest in Deptford will be a veritable epicentre of culinary joy during Made In Deptford weekend with a round the world sampling session of Deptford's very best cuisine. On any average weekend you can enjoy a truly tasty Sunday brunch with live music at this special little corner of SE8. Especially for Made In Deptford you'll be able to sample a little bit of world cuisine in just one day with the tastebud tingling sampling sessions ranging from tasty Spanish tapas and traditional English fry ups to exotic Vietnamese delights and West African delicacies. The venue will also be offering a brilliant array of music, short film, poetry and plays, brought to you by the super talented folks from 'The Lab Theatre Collective, 'Young Pornographer's Broadcasting Service' and 'Blue Light District'. Come check out The Bird's Nest and its wonderful host Semi – a character and a true gent! The bar and hostel otherwise known as Deptford's alternative tourist office!

Open galleries and venues – South London's most innovative art, design and music collectives, will be opening their doors to the public. From over 25 artists open studios on Creekside, graffiti workshops and furniture design to open mic nights and topical theatre productions.
Check out our fabulous new website for the constantly evolving line ups of great events, transport links and timings.

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