Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Re-imagining Ladies Tights

Commissioned by London Borough of Lewisham with support from Arts Council England, ‘Re-imagining Ladies Tights’ will raise awareness of textile recycling by exploring the politics of tights and stockings.

"This opportunity allows Akleriah, with support from Platform-7, to explore the image, gender politics, social and material value of women’s tights. By working with women volunteers in Catford and their personal tights’ stories, it is envisaged that a more significant social meaning, which discarded tights carry, and make their recycling problematic and challenging, will be addressed. With this project Akleriah create new forms of conceptual interactive performance art while using tights as a medium. It will be an interactive performative participatory experience. ‘Re-imagining ladies tights’ project is divided into 5 stages over May and June 2013 ..."

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