Monday, 21 May 2012

Lions and Donkeys - New Cross Theatre 22-27 May

"Lions & Donkeys" by Steven Harper

Alpha Centuri Theatre Company
Tues 22nd to Sunday 27th May  at 8pm  (Sunday 5pm) 

"A rare beast – a story set in the trenches that includes a fair amount of comedy! September 1918 on the Western Front. Tommy and Dave receive an unexpected visit from Lieutenant Hargreaves who announces that Tommy is to be awarded a medal for his courage in combat. Why then are Tommy and Dave so keen to see the back of him? And who is the strange Icelandic character that enters the scene brandishing a sausage? A well-written, funny, poignant play about friendship, humanity and survival.
You also get to see a second play called 'The Long retreat to Mons' by Stacey Williams which will be performed after the interval.  "

Tickets £10 plus 50p booking fee for debit/credit card per ticket      
Box office 0208 694 1888 or book online HERE

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